Erica and Carol | Proposal Session / by Michelle Marie (Photographer)

In February of 2019 Erica reached out to me. Nearly 10 years after her and Carol began their whirlwind romance, she was ready to propose and wanted to make sure to capture the moment perfectly. We set the date, March 30th.

Little did we know, Carol had the same idea and on March 12th, she proposed to Erica on a cruise they were taking. What are the odds that after 10 years, they’d both plan a proposal within two weeks of each other?!

But Erica was still set on her proposal and now Carol would never see it coming.

So the day came and Erica had it all planned out beautifully. She told Carol that they were going on an adventure but that she needed to trust her. Erica then blindfolded Carol and place headphones in her ears so she couldn’t see or hear anything. I met them when they arrived at the park. Carol had no idea where they were or what was coming.

Erica led Carol down to a beautiful opening where 24 of their loved ones waited quietly to witness and be part of the breathtaking moment to come.

Erica removed the headphones and with voice cracking and tears in her eyes, began to read a beautifully written message, pouring out her heart to the love of her life.

Carol is an only daughter so I can only imagine how important this moment was to her mother. Erica knew that and decided her mother needed to have part in their forever memory. When she was done reading she had Carols mother remove the blindfold.

When the blindfold came off I think Carol was trying to take it all in, missing the message in balloons (Marry Me?), but as soon as she locked eyes with her mother emotions ran high. They embraced and when Carol finally turned back around, Erica was on one knee with an open box in her hand.

A “yes” would typically suffice but Carol responded, “Of course, I would marry you over and over again in any life.”.

Cue the waterworks!

It was a long time coming but a love like theirs could not be rushed. It happened perfectly, at the perfect time and I couldn’t be happier for this extraordinary couple.

Congratulations on your forever love Erica and Carol ❤️